Redditch Tabletop Gamers run a successful weekly tabletop gaming club in Redditch, Worcestershire with over a 245 registered website users. We play a variety of war games including:

  • American Civil War
  • Armada [Fantasy Flight]
  • Battlefleet Gothic [GW]
  • Blood Bowl [GW]
  • Bolt Action [Warlord Games]
  • Bushido [GCT]
  • Cutlass [Black Scorpion]
  • Deadzone [Mantic]
  • Dropzone Commander [Hawk Wargames]
  • Dropfleet Commander [Hawk Wargames]
  • Dystopian Wars [Spartan]
  • English Civil War
  • Epic 40,000 [GW]
  • Firestorm Armada [Spartan]
  • Flames of War [Battlefront]
  • Hordes [Privateer Press]
  • Imperial Assault [Fantasy Flight]
  • In Her Majesties Name [Osprey]
  • Infinity [Corvus Belli]
  • Kings of War [Mantic]
  • Lord of the Rings [GW]
  • Malifaux [Wyrd]
  • Napoleonic
  • Necromunda [GW]
  • RPG
  • SAGA [Gripping Beast]
  • Star Trek Attack Wing [WizKids]
  • Uncharted Seas [Spartan]
  • Warhammer 40,000 [GW]
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle [GW]
  • Warmachine [Privateer Press]
  • Warpath [Mantic]
  • X-Wing [Fantasy Flight]

If your company or organisation is involved with any of the game systems listed above or the tabletop gaming hobby in general and are interested in a banner placement on our current web forum at and on this website. Please see the options below and get in touch if interested.

We currently advertise seven online retailers; Wayland Games, KR Multicase, Firestorm Games, Goblin Games, Element Games, Gaming Figures and Noble Knight. The way this currently works is either by referral commission through an affiliate link or through a monthly fee, but this is entirely negotiable.

Our preferred options are outlined below:

We can host a banner on our website either on a monthly basis where you can cancel at any time at £7 per month.

For 6 months at £35 which includes a discount of about a month free or

£65 for a year which includes a discount of almost three months free.

The banner would go in the top right hand side of the site and would be 468 x 60 pixels in size. It would be added to a rotating carousel of other banners (currently 7 with a max of 10-12 in the list at any one time) which would be on every page of our forum and would change each time you change page. For Example:

(Click to enlarge)

Our Forum statistics are:


We get roughly ~25,000 Pageviews per month on average and average daily unique visits of 120.

Let us know if you’re interested in any of the three options.

In addition we can link our social profiles to yours and make you a “featured like” on Facebook, also providing stats on how much traffic we sent you each month.

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