Hello! By luck or judgement you’ve arrived at the web site for Redditch Tabletop Gamers.

Next Club is Tuesday 24th September 2019.

The Club meets every Tuesday. 6:30pm – 10.30pm at the Windmill Community Centre in Redditch.

We meet each and every Tuesday evening for just over 4 hours. Our weekly attendance varies from week to week but on a fairly busy night we usually get around 33 attendees from a much larger membership pool – a good number of our members can’t attend each week due to work patterns and other external factors that rudely interrupt their hobby enjoyment. We’ve run the occasional all-day event at a weekend too, which affords us time to indulge in larger scale battles and run small tournaments.

We draw members not only from the local town but from a large radius of around 20 miles. Some of these members also attend other clubs but welcome the chance for additional gaming sessions against different opponents. Our membership spans a wide range of ages and experience; from those new to the hobby who have little or no experience, to those old hands who have been playing for many years. Many of our members were keen hobbyists when they were younger, then took a break for study/work/family reasons before recently finding the time to indulge again.